The Suicide Prevention Awareness Network walk is on Sunday, March 22 is designed to allow those touched by suicide to remember loved ones, friends, work or school mates and to raise awareness of the issue of suicide across the broader of Central Victorian community. 9:30am- Event commences with live entertainment in Dai Gum San precinct […]

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It’s almost a daily occurrence now. On Facebook or Twitter, in an article or mind-numbing listicle, someone is discussing the traits, burdens and/or pleasures of being an introvert. Based on the unscientific sampling of my personal feed, 90% of the narcissistic self-promoters in the world are actually meek and shy…

Originally created as part of a school assignment back in 2013. It was in response to “The Fault In Our Stars”, which was the novel study at the time. It’s not the best, but at the time I was actually really proud of it. ———————————— This is my story about the swing set I loved, […]

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Hands shove them forward, bound and blindfolded. Then comes the step when the stone beneath them stops and nothing is there. The photographs appall but they have the solidity of things you can see; they suggest but cannot summon the feel of one terrifying lurch in darkness when all that’s solid falls…

Angelina Jolie has recently visited a refugee camp in Iraq’s Dohuk province on Jan 25th 2015. Ms Jolie wrote an OP-ED Contributor in the New York times detailing that she have seen nothing like the suffering she is witnessing now. Angelina visited camps of displaced Iraqis and Syrian refugees that are desperately seeking shelter from […]