The Swing Set – A Short Fictional Reflection

Originally created as part of a school assignment back in 2013. It was in response to “The Fault In Our Stars”, which was the novel study at the time. It’s not the best, but at the time I was actually really proud of it.


This is my story about the swing set I loved, adored and treasured. I had a lot of fond moments on that swing set; it will be hard to let it go.

I still remember it like it was yesterday. I was two years old, a long time before I got diagnosed with cancer. It was my birthday. I still remember to this day, what I was like when I stepped out into my backyard early that morning to see a green and yellow swing set, sitting next to a tree. I remember running straight out to it with full of excitement and glee. As the days went along I was constantly on my swing set at any time I could get. I was on it so much that just about every night my parents would have to drag me inside at night to have tea.

As I grew older the swing set remained a huge part of my life. When I first started school I had to jump onto the swing in order to get me to school. I was petrified on my first day of school. It was only thanks to my swing set that I calmed me down. It basically became my friend. Every time something good happened in my life I would swing, every time I had a disagreement with my parents or something bad happened, I would swing. I would always take very good care of my swing set. Every time it got dirty I would thoroughly scrub it to remove even the slightest bit of dirt. Call me crazy, but as time went on my swing became more than a friend. It also became my counselor, my lover, my soul mate.

I used to talk to it like a real person because at times my swing set was the only one in the world who would truly understand me.

Things changed when I turned 12. I had a large circle of friends and was constantly at my friends’ houses. My swing set was used less and less. I no-longer cared for the swing set as much as I used to. But there were times I still used it, except only when I was sad or lonely.

When I turned 14 I hardly ever used my swing set. Countless times my parents wanted to get rid of it, countless times I stopped them. While I did not use my swing set as much as I used to, I still wanted to keep the swing as its “presence” still comforted me.  By now most of the paint on the swing set had chipped off. There was a large amount of scratches on the swing’s surface, due to the countless times of me walking past it with a large amount of sticks in my hands.

When I turned 15 and a half everything changed overnight. I had been discovering that I had trouble with my breathing, so I was raced to hospital, went through numerous tests where they finally concluded that I had cancer which affected my lungs. My parents were devastated, I was devastated. The car trip home was so hard. My Dad could not drive 5 meters without bursting into tears. The amount of times we had to pull over because it became too hard to concentrate on the road, turned from a 15 minute trip into a 5 hour trip.

That night I ran out onto my swing set and cried and cried. But as much as I tried, nothing could make me feel better, but it still provided me with a small amount of comfort. My parents came out and joined me on the swing set. We spent hours all huddled up and crying on the swing set, together, while eating chocolate.

Augustus has now convinced me to get rid of my swing set. But it’s a lot more than a swing set for me, it was my childhood. It had been there in the times of happiness and sadness, hope and grief. But it has to go, that stage of my life is now over. It is now time to move on.


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